RLH of North Idaho

RLH is a company that specializes in providing innovative fire safety and security solutions to commercial and residential properites throughout Northern Idaho. Through design, engineering, installation, and maintenance of our various systems we take great pride in our ability to customize and provide products and services that are cost effective while meeting your individual needs. Our range of services and products provide you with peace of mind while helping you comply with key safety regulations.

Alarm, Access & Camera Systems

We offer a full-range of state-of-the art security and fire alarms systems to safeguard your home, property and employees. If you’re seeking dependability in equipment, installation, monitoring and surveillance, you can count on us to provide it.

Fire Extinguishers

 Functional equipment is your first line of defense against fire and proper maintenance of fire safety equipment is our top priority.

We come completely prepared to service your account with a specialized service vehicle outfitted to provide fire extinguisher inspection, recharges and maintenance at your location. Our technicians will also provide you with a fire extinguisher inspection report which includes information on all fire extinguishers at your location.

Backflow Inspection & Maintenance

We provide both residential and commercial clients with reliable backflow inspection, testing, installation, and repair services.