For more than a thousand times, tourists have flocked to the regions of today’s Eastern Europe and Russia. These underappreciated nations have something for everyone, from the picturesque beaches of Croatia to the snowboarding hotspots of Bulgaria, to the classic appeal bracelets of Prague to the stunning modern art of Riga.

While the average wage behind the historic” Iron Curtain” is significantly lower than that of Western Europe, you can still get a three-course restaurant meal in Sofia and a bottle of Tokaj wine for less than a cocktail in Paris. Get in some of the area’s finest craft at a distinguished museum, acquire a boat cruise along a ravine or at a city square full of old cobble streets and breathtaking architecture, or wash up the local atmosphere on a boat cruise along a ravine.

With our free slav travel guide and programs, it’s simple to get to know these exciting nations. Before relaxing at a village pub or innovative pilot, make a stop at a brightly colored Slovakian money like Bratislava to explore its spectacular new sights( including the fine art avant Green Church, Extraordinaire Bratislava Castle, and historic St. Martin’s Cathedral ). Keep an eye out for eccentric durete statues all over the city center, including unquestionably those depicting Napoleon Bonaparte hunched over a bench and a man in a manhole.

Given that Russian is the main dialect and that a few grabs of standard courtesy phrases does go a long way, it even helps to know a little bit of the nearby vocabulary. Understanding only the Roman alphabet and the Roman alphabet is enough to quickly comprehend street titles, labels, and common indications, even though the Cyrillic alphabet may seem a tiny intimidating.